Fund awardees and their activities 2017

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In 2017, the fund made awards to three teams:


1) Lily Zhou and Matthew Zhou (photo Matthew, Lily and Qihong Li):

Activity report 1,
Activity report 2,
Lily and Matthew’s 2017 SYF journal

2) Margret Li, Hannah Li, Edward Li, Katherine Xu, Elizabeth Xu, and Nancy Feng (photo Katherine, Elizabeth, Eddie, Yaoming Wang, Liming Liang):


Activity report by Margret Li (Bluehill)
Activity report by Hannah Li (Bluehill)
Activity report by Nancy Feng (Bluehill)
Activity report by Eddie and Eric Li (Kite Flying and Castle Island)
Activity report by Elizabeth Xu (Kite Flying and Castle Island)
Activity report by Katherine Xu (Kite Flying and Castle Island)
Katherine Xu, Elizabeth Xu, Eddie Li and Eric Li 2017 SYF Journal

3) Isabelle Xu (photo Isabelle):

4) Annie Yang, Emily Mao, Ray Bai’s 2017 SYF journal
2017 SYF journal

Below are more photos from the team activities this summer