Mission to cultivate community involvement within middle schoolers pays off

Driven by the compulsion to plant the seed of doing social good within middle schoolers and inspired by a short clip made half the world away, a few parents led by the SCA president Liming Liang commenced a rather innovative journey in April 2016. Eight months later, their vision paid off.

Without further adieu, here is the video produced by a handful of Sharon middle schoolers who did not take much from this group of parents to motivate into taking what turned out to be a treacherous journey:

In fact, the inheritance of motivation took place only through light discussions over the dinner tables. The overwhelming response from 18 dedicated representatives of the younger generation underscores their intrinsic desire that only takes the gentlest scrapping to reveal.

The formation of the crew was merely the first step. What they would do and more importantly how to accomplish it were entirely up to them. To say this was a daunting challenge to a group of sixth to eighth graders who had been immersed within the daily course work is an understatement. However, none of them backed off upon receiving their charge. They decided to bring to focus the daily work and wisdom of those they call the daily heroes of the Sharon middle school by interviewing six representative staff members. Within the last eight months, it was their dedication, intelligence and an eye for beauty that leads to the final product. They started by writing the principal for approvals. Through numerous mock interviews of their parents, they not only sharpened their reporting skills but also settled on the final interview questions after thorough deliberations on what they learned through the process. Realizing it is only half done even after filming all six candidates, their momentum continued into extensive video-editing including composing captions and assembling the whole clip in a consistent story-telling fashion.

Receiving high remarks across the board from the superintendent, school principal, staff members, and parents seems far more motivating than an A-grade. Tasting the benefit of this initiative, several community members promise to be more proactive in innovative home-school education.

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