Current and upcoming events

The open forum with two selectmen candidates are now confirmed. Organizers are looking forward to your questions, suggestions, and participation in the meetings. Please be sure to read the format and rule below.

1) Forum with Liz Dichiara May 6th (Friday) 8-9PM Location: Sharon High School Library
Introduction:Liming Liang
Moderator: Zheng Liu

2) Forum with Bill Heitin May 13th (Friday) 8-9PM Location: Unitarian Church of Sharon (4 N Main St)
Introduction:Mei Zhang
Moderator: Zheng Liu

Please submit your questions here so that the moderator would know what to cover


The format of the forum will be:
15 mins for the candidate to introduce himself/herself, followed by questions/discussion from the participates and the moderator.

Be respectful to everyone.
Ask question strictly in the order assigned by the moderator.
Speak in a concise and effective way (please be well prepared for your question/comment).
Be considerate to other participates’ need to ask question.

Sharon board of selectmen是town事务的最高管理机构,对大家的生活有直接的影响。5月17日town选举,selectmen中有一个需要换届。William Heitin是准备连任,Elizabeth Dichiara是挑战者。这次华人协会请到两位候选人与华人社区交流,讲述他们的个人情况,关于Sharon正在发生,以及即将发生的事情,听取华人社区的意见。请大家抓紧机会。

Sharon Chinese Association