Kite Flying and Visiting Castle Island SYF Journal

When: July 6, 2017

Attendance: Shiwei, Katie Xu, Elizabeth Xu, Eric Li, Eddie Li

Activities: Took Shiwei and father to fly kites and to Castle Island

Expenses: $____  for Wendy’s Lunch (TBD)

Here’s what happened:

Drove to Pope John Paul II Park
Learned how to assemble and fly a kite
Ran around with kites
Went to sheltered picnic area
Had some water and 粽子
Assembled 3D plane kite with Eddie and Elizabeth
Flew 3D plane kite
Played with golf ball with other kids
Ran around and chased kids
Went to Wendy’s for the first time
Played Clash Royale and other games with Eddie and Eric
Disliked the Wendy’s hamburger but liked the chili
Recalled a time when he ate cheese
Tried mustard for the first time
Ate fries and even fed some to Eddie
Thought the lemonade was too sour
Went to Castle Island
Looked at Fort
Played tag with kids
Went to Castle Island’s playground
Swung on the swings for a long time
Took turns pushing and swinging with the kids
Went to the shore of Castle Island
Found seaweed and played with it
Found sea snails and white crystal quartz rocks
Tried his hand at skipping stones
Went home

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