Sharon Chinese Association: A smooth transition of the board of directors

Those at present of the voting. More than half (57 out of 105) of the registered members voted in this election, some through proxy vote.

June 19, 2017 – Sharon华人协会成员们于6月19日晚在Unitarian Church of Sharon汇集一堂举行一年一度的管理委员会选举大会,加上代理投票,总共有超过半数的注册成员参加了此次选举,最终以下六位当选了普通委员:

The second board of directors. Pictured from left to right are Jiangtian Zhang, Yanlai Chen, Chenfang Dai, Bin Yang, Yong Wang, Yongqing Zhang, and Rui Zhang.

陈焱来/Yanlai Chen,
戴晨方/Chenfang Dai,
王勇/Yong Wang,
杨彬 /Bin Yang,
张睿/Rui Zhang,
张永庆/Yongqing Zhang.

张江天/Jiangtian Zhang当选了财务委员.

委员们通过不记名投票决定,张睿出任 主席,陈焱来出任秘书长。由此,华协管理委员会交接正式生效。

戴晨方/Chenfang Dai
梁黎明/Liming Liang (主席)
刘政/Zheng Liu
沈珂莹/Keying Shen (财务委员)
张梅/Mei Zhang (秘书长)
张瑞/Rui Zhang
张睿/Rui Zhang

The first and second board. Those not named before are (from left to right): Rui Zhang, Zheng Liu, Mei Zhang, Keying Shen, Liming Liang.

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