Together We Are Strong campaign to support our communities

PPE shortage will put our first line responders in danger. Because of that, more than 3000+ healthcare workers got infected at the very beginning of their efforts to treat COVID-19 infected patients in China. We can’t let this happen in our communities.

This is the time we should once again work together to find more PPE for our beloved doctors and nurses. Sharon Chinese Association is working with other Chinese American associations in the Great Boston areas, trying to order PPE such as Surgical Mask (N95), Procedure Masks etc. directly from suppliers located in Hong Kong, China.

We are collecting donation for this effects:

For all donations, please mention: Together We Are Strong

Please select Family and Friend , let’s put every penny to work.

Venmo: @SharonChinese-Association (last four digits: 0034)
Chacks: Payable to: Sharon Chinese Association
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 37, Sharon MA 02067

Our Tax Id: 81-4846899

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