Comparison of SBC with other clubs in the greater Boston area
    1. Sharon Badminton Club (SBC):
      • Members: Adult 40-60; Junior 24-30
      • Membership fee: Adult $300/yr;Junior $110-$125/yr
      • Total playtime: 6-9 hr/wk
      • Average cost per week: Adult $5.77; Junior $2
      • Average court time per person/week: Adult: 72+ min.; Junior ~60min.
      • Sessions: determined by votes and negotiation with facility; mostly weekend.
      • Average court rental cost per hour: $46-$48
    2. Sharon town adult education lesson: This is the adult badminton class offered by town of Sharon. Currently have one court and 3 sessions per wk; each session is 2.5 hours. There are a total of 36 slots per semester. Compared to SBC, it does not allow juniors to play. The average play time per person per wk is 50 min. The cost is $6-$7 per wk.
    3. Quincy and Chinatown YMCA: Qunicy YMCA has two courts. The court condition is less ideal, with one end about 3-5 inches to the dividing curtain, and the other end under the second floor track. There are 2 sessions per week, Wed. and Sun.; 2-3 hours per session. This is open to public. There is no junior session, and only a few juniors play. You need to be a member or pay $5 each time to play. It’s about 16 miles from Sharon. Chinatown YMCA is supposed to be much better, but long distance for residents in Boston south. You can also walk in to play at $15 each time on the weekend.
    4. Foxboro YMCA: Currently there is no badminton session. The ceiling height is low with second floor tracks surrounding the 2 basketball courts. If we succeed in persuading YMCA to open badminton sessions, they will need to open up both courts to draw 4 standard badminton courts, or they may just follow the Quincy example to have two less ideal courts. We wouldn’t expect formal junior sessions or pro coach for formal classes.
    5. Potential Sharon school options: If we still channel through adult education and ask for more play time with additional cost, we still will not be able to offer junior sessions. If we rent courts from school, it is usually very expensive; could range between $100-$150 per hour.
    6. Boston Badminton Club (BBC) and Maugus: BBC is a popular badminton club in Westborough. Single membership costs $695 per year. Family membership (1 adult plus 1 junior) $1160. You can pay $11 each time to walk in and play. This is about 40 miles from Sharon. Maugus in Wellesley has an even higher price tag, and 20 plus miles from Sharon. Waltham also has a club, and the walk in fee is $15.
    7. Hanson badminton club: About 20 miles from Sharon. Play is on every Sunday morning from 8:30 to 11; average cost is $10 per week including shuttles. There are 4 courts; each court has one end very close to the walls. This is the place with lowest price you can find. The play is non-stop if you want, as there are not that many members. The organizer used to be the PE teacher in that school, and got the court for free. He now needs to pay $80 per week after his retirement. This is not something we can reproduce. The club screens players’ level. Beginners are not accepted.
    8. Natick badminton club: This is a club that was gone many years ago. When it was still up in 2003, the fee per play is $8 for 2.5 hrs. You can compare with current SBC price.
    9. Wayland badminton club: This is a place with many good players. $5 walk-in for each session. Again, 20 plus miles from Sharon. No junior session.
    10. Needham and Bedford: These are almost exclusively for town residents. Needham is recreational; Bedford is advanced. No junior sessions.
    11. MIT: if you want to drive to MIT, and purchase the $1000 affiliate membership (if you are eligible). You can play in random open badminton sessions.
  • In summary, SBC has the following advantage: inexpensive, local, and junior sessions.
  • Disadvantage: you will need one year commitment.